About Us


banyen-guideDestination Leader is a fully licensed travel agent (TAT Licence : 24/00629) established in Chiang Mai and we provide a wide range of discovery, adventure and cultural tours and activities. We also provide different services like car rental, chauffeur and limo services, golf packages, dental holidays and more.

What Make Us Different

Because of our long experience in the tourism industry we can bring you a truly unique experience. We are experienced professionals, all native to Chiang Mai. Our deep knowledge of northern Thailand and its culture allow us to guide you away from mass tourism and show you the authentic side of the country..
With us you’ll feel comfortable from the start. After just a few hours, you’ll really feel like we’ve known each other for many years . That’s probably one of the things that surprises the most our guests. We are friendly, open minded, and easy to deal with, yet very professional. It’s as simple as that.
There is nearly no limits to the options you can choose. From a survival class in the jungle, to a VIP golf tour, there is basically nothing we can’t arrange for you. We can even take care of your business trip to Chiang Mai and source products for you.
Our goal is not to offer the cheapest prices, even if we are very competitive, but it’s to ensure that your experience with us will be one of a life time. Also, we are sure to bring you the best quality service you can get for the price we offer.